Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life, and your wedding photographs can help you look back on those moments for the rest of your life. The right photographer will offer a comprehensive wedding photography package that will help you commemorate all of those special moments.

Your wedding is about more than that split second when you say, “I do,” and your photography package should reflect that. Make sure that your photographer is offering comprehensive coverage of all wedding-related events, multiple forms of photographs, and a large enough team to cover everything that you need.

Here are some aspects of your photography package to discuss with your photographer.

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What is included in Full Coverage

It is important to remember all of the moments of your wedding, not just the ceremony. A traditional photography package should cover the ceremony, family portraits, as well as a reception. Consider discussing with the photographer areas of coverage that include the process of getting ready, special moments i.e (First Look/dances), and even a wedding exit.

Most photographers establish their package coverage based on an average length of time it takes for them to complete the workday from start to finish. Keep in mind every photographer is different, that includes ability, skill, and time needed for capturing images creatively. Consider openly discussing with your photographer hours needed to support their ability in properly capturing the wedding. Average duration for a traditional American Wedding can range from 6-10 hours.

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Digital Photos

Nowadays, releasing photos digitally is quickly becoming the widely accepted practice as it helps with sharing large files in one space for easy access. Digital photos are also easier to share instantly with far-flung relatives than prints. As such, your wedding photography package should include some form of digital photos.

It is common practice for Professional photographers to release wedding photos using an online gallery and/or USB drive that include the edited, high-resolution images to use as you wish.

Lastly, digital release of photos include features that can add to the personalized experience. For example, most digital galleries can be password-protected, shared among friends and family, and even categorized so you can easily navigate to your favorite moments without shuffling through multiple images.

Wedding accessories

Physical PRints

Although most photographs are released digitally these days, nothing can compare with framed prints as an heirloom passed down for generations to come. Putting framed wedding photos up on the wall certainly adds a special touch and sweet reminder that you would otherwise have to rummage on a hard drive to experience.

Most photographers offer differing forms of deliverables as part of their packages, or as an add on to their services. It doesn't hurt to inquire about physical prints of your favorite photos if this is an area of importance. You can also consider outside printing vendors to choose from a variety of sizes and styles if the photographer does not offer physical prints.

Second Photographers

Even the smallest wedding is full of hustle and bustle that may require a second photographer to support in capturing your day. Most Professional Photographers work with Second Photographers who provide assistance with capturing elements of a wedding day.

It certainly helps to ask your Photographer if a desired wedding package includes a second photographer, particularly if you are having a large wedding that may require for a photographer to be in two places at one time for timeline efficiency.

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Getting the Right Photography PAckage for Your WEdding

The right photography package will support your vision and needs in order to relive the special moments that matter most. Comprehensive wedding packages will include coverage that ensure your unique needs are met, from quality images, digital/physical copies of your photos, and additional personnel if necessary.

It doesn't hurt to request any extra needs, such as an engagement session, a photo album, or even a preview with the best photographs, if available.