When it comes to engagement photos, you want to look your best. After all, these photos IS WHAT WILL SET THE TONE AND EXCITEMENT FOR YOUR GUESTS IN PREPARATION OF WEDDING DAY! However, with so much advice out there on engagement attire, it can be difficult to plan an inspired look for your sessions. Managing wedding stress is something we look to accomplish for you!

Whether you are having an at home cozy or bold outdoor engagement session, you deserve to look and feel beautiful! Here are 5 outfit tips to consider for your engagement session!

color palette

Your engagement photos are an opportunity to show off your love for each other in a more natural setting than the wedding. Although you'll dress up and feel pretty, it's important to consider color palette. Jewel color tones do very well on camera, we see this a lot with television talk show hosts and/or news anchors. Consider colors that compliment your natural skin tone as well as your fiance's completed look.

complimenting looks

Complimenting looks are outfits/attire that coordinate in color, style, theme, and/or matches who you are as a couple. If you are a laid-back couple, consider your personal style, maybe a full suit and ballgown are not your thing. That is OKAY!

Your engagement attire doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, but you and your soon-to-be spouse should still look like a coherent couple by wearing clothes that have a similar color scheme and are at similar levels of formality. Avoid wearing varying prints (plaid with floral/checkered with plaid), if one person is wearing a print consider the other wearing a solid color.

Casual engagement look over city
Formal engagement look captured by Wooten Photography
Happy couple engagement photo session


When planning your outfit, think about your comfort and the season you are in. When you're not comfortable in your clothing it will SHOW in your photos! Photographers often shy away from this topic as to not offend their clients, BUT it's important to be honest with yourself, body type, and areas of insecurities. Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight, where you're having to make too many adjustments, and that brings attention to your areas of insecurities.

Spring and summer engagements are great for clothing that is breathable or has a lot of flow, be mindful in the summer seasons about wearing dark colors that quickly absorb heat. If your engagement session is outside during the fall or winter seasons, consider bringing layers to help you stay warm!

Casual look engagement photo session walking
All black photo engagement session captured by Wooten Photography

mens corner

There are no set rules for what to wear for an engagement session. However we couldn't leave our fellas high and dry when it comes to mens clothing etiquette "dos and don'ts". Sergio Ines is one of my favorite online influencers and classic fashion guru when it comes to mens clothing inspiration and advice. Here are some common attire mistakes he shares you'll see men make below. For more mens fashion inspiration and advice follow What My Boyfriend Wore on Instagram.


Most couples get stumped on what constitutes formal attire from casual. Formal looks are going to mainly consist of suits, button up shirts, tie, blazers, dresses, and/or evening gown to some degree. It is common that your photographer will want you to arrive dressed in your formal attire to save on time, and avoid wardrobe malfunctions while changing.

Casual looks can include combinations of jeans, khakis, blouses, sweaters and/or street wear. Your casual looks should encourage comfortability to perform more dynamic poses that may involve you jumping, swinging, and/or running. Here are some examples below!

Conclusion: What is the right outfit?

Whether you are having a cozy laid back or bold engagement session, there are no concrete rules for what you HAVE to wear only recommendations. You can stick to modern trends or completely embrace what best represents you as a couple.

Your engagement session is your opportunity to feel special, and no matter what you wear, your happiness will shine through.