I’ve come across a variety of suggestions and tips when it comes to choosing your Wedding Photographer. I found that most of the advice shared come from experiences both good and bad. I mean who wants to read information that doesn’t have any experiential backing?? I certainly don’t. Most...if not all of these tips below can apply to other vendors as well. However, I want to share what I found, over the years, to be the 5 important things to consider when selecting a Wedding Photog who will be responsible in capturing the most important and intimate day of your life.

5 Things to Consider

  1. SETTLE ON A STYLE: It's awesome we have an industry that is saturated with different styles and perspectives to help couples in capturing a unique vision for their special day! What makes it better, that information is easily accessible thanks to good ole social media. With so many different styles of photography, it's important to settle on one that will help you find your ideal Wedding Photog. Ask yourself, are you into Luxury? Natural light? Vibrant? Matte? Dark and Moody? or Studio light? Be sure to research Photogs in these particular fields of expertise, to help narrow down a style you will feel confident about. Trust me...you want to look back 10 years from now and still be amazed at the results.
  2. DO YOUR RESEARCH: HOMEWORK! I can’t stress the importance behind researching your potential Photog candidates. The research process should include reviewing their website, all online portfolios, client reviews, albums, and even requesting a full example of a real wedding. This will help you in seeing a level of consistency with the photographic work and engagement with clients before you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions on years of experience and passion behind what they do. My fellow Photogs know we won’t hesitate to share work and experiences we are proud of.
  3. RESPECT YOUR BUDGET AND THEIR TIME: When I’m shopping I like to take my time and look at options to make sure I’m getting the best bang for my buck. However I also understand that time is of the essence and I don't want to be rushed into a decision, because it's 10 minutes to closing. (Yeah...been there) Time is money and money is time! In doing your research you will undoubtedly come across pricing information that will help significantly narrow down your large pool of Photog candidates. Stick to your guns, respect your budget, and their time! There’s nothing wrong with asking for special offers or promotions if available. However, don’t inquire with the purpose to haggle their price/services. You can try...but chances are, there’s someone right behind you ready to book their service at the marked price. Make your intentions clear and requests known, if it is out of budget, express gratitude for their time and move on to the next. In addition, don’t settle for a Photog who’s price is right, but who’s style of photography is an area you're not confident about. Identify your dealbreakers for photography style, service items, and budget. Being realistic about your budget and vision, while it shows respect for a Photog's time and creativity, it will help you quickly secure your ideal Wedding Photog.
  4. PERSONALITIES: When you settle on a Photog, the fun part begins...VIBES! Personalities are huge for both Photogs and couples to feel comfortable and confident on the big day! Most Photogs offer consultations either before or after booking. This is a great time to see and/or hear if their personality would be a great fit to serve you. Are they Pushy? Friendly? Disorganized? Experienced? Keep in mind, you are being interviewed too! Look, people almost immediately connect when a commonality great experience is shared. Couples are already stressed and nervous on their big day, you want vendors at your wedding who will encourage comfort and give you the experience of a lifetime! It doesn’t take much to know if someone will mesh with you right away. So listen to your gut if it tells you otherwise.
  5. POST-PRODUCTION DETAILS: Lastly, post-production details! In other words...WHEN WILL I GET MY PHOTOS!? Hey I get it, and even remember the anxiety/excitement I felt when I waited for my photos to be released! Ask your Photog candidate questions about turn around time, or how long after the event will you receive photos. Doing this can help identify some red flags, is the Photog returning photos in 4 weeks or "you get it when it's done?" Also consider asking questions on print rights, previews, editing processes, comfortability with social media posts, and production time for tangible items (albums, canvas, prints) as those can differ from digital photo release. Knowing this information will give you the level of assurance and comfortability that you will receive your photos.

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