There are so many beautiful places in our city that sometimes the hardest part of planning wedding photography in Atlanta is picking a place to serve as a backdrop. Whether you want to take photos in nature or against a stunning architectural backdrop, Atlanta has the place for you.

With engagement photos, you have much more freedom over where you can take the photos because you don’t have to worry about making it to a reception or taking photos at the venue. Here are some ideas for where to stage engagement photography in Atlanta.

4 Places to take your engagment photos in Atlanta

Avalon In Alpharetta

The Avalon in Alpharetta, just outside of Atlanta, is a popular hangout spot and a place where many local couples (maybe even you) had their first dates. The picturesque storefronts have a retro, small-town vibe that provides a pleasant backdrop for your engagement photoshoot.

Maybe you’ve been on many dates to the Regal Cinemas in Avalon and want to commemorate the time you spent there together, or you spend plenty of time with friends in the area. Or, you want a fun, casual photoshoot in a lively location that has plenty of urban vibrancy but isn’t too overwhelming. Whatever your reasons, the Avalon might be the right choice for you.

If you want a more luxurious interior shoot, you can even stage some of your wedding photography in Atlanta in The Hotel at Avalon. 

WEstside Provisions

The Westside Provisions is one of the most elegant shopping destinations in Atlanta. The bridge that runs through the district is a popular destination for engagement photoshoots thanks to its adorable arched sides against a backdrop of the brick facades.

Taking photos at the Westside Provisions is a great opportunity for your photographer to catch personality pictures of the two of you in action, for example as you share some ice cream or sit down to relax at a café. 

Piedmont Park

If you want engagement photography in Atlanta against a natural backdrop, you don’t have to venture beyond the city limits. Gorgeous Piedmont Park is right in downtown Atlanta and a popular destination for picnickers, people relaxing, and couples taking romantic photos.

There are plenty of romantic backdrops in Piedmont Park for your engagement photoshoot. Lake Clara Meer is a popular destination within the park. You can get photos with the water as a backdrop and inside the romantic gazebo. For city views, go to the Piedmont Park Active Oval. You can also find a quiet, secluded space among the trees for a soothing natural photoshoot.

Buckhead Atlanta

Buckhead is one of Atlanta’s most stylish districts, complete with historic buildings, lively streets, and plenty of art. Stroll through the streets for photography with an urban backdrop, or duck into Duck Pond Park for a natural photoshoot in a smaller, slightly less intimidating space in Piedmont Park. The Buckhead Village District, a popular shopping destination, is another gorgeous backdrop for photos.

Choosing the right Engagement Photoshoot location in atlanta

There are so many gorgeous places to take engagement photos in our city that it can be hard to pick just one. From natural wonders such as the Piedmont Park to stylish shopping districts such as the Westside Provisions, Atlanta couples are spoiled for choice.

When you’re picking a destination, think about what is meaningful to you as a couple. Pick a place where you had your first date, or a place where you do many shared activities together. Ultimately, your engagement photo shoot should reflect your personalities and love for each other. The pretty background serves to enhance the chemistry between you two.